The Vision
A niche crowdfunding platform for open-source new energy technology campaigns

The expected official launch date for this portal is May 2017.
We are awaiting final security approvals and gateway reviews.

“The Sky is High” is a niche crowdfunding platform designed to assist in the Canadian incentive for the global co-development of open-sourced new energy technologies. The focus is on co-financing infrastructures for the prototyping of new energy devices which meet the criteria of being clean and highly energy efficient, while having a renewable energy source.  Such transitional technologies can mark the progress towards the completion of research and development of fuel-less energy generators for personal home applications. The broad scope of work involved is parallel to the ongoing transnational disclosures of previously unacknowledged energy and propulsion systems.

  • Why The Sky is High
  • Platform Operations

Specialized niche crowdfunding platforms are a significant component of digital finance. The globally emergent online crowd is a powerful resource of connected individuals who may choose this platform as a shared space for co-financing the advancement of new energy technology research and builds. The aim is to empower and inspire  collaborative open-source practices on a practical grassroots level in order to assist in raising the awareness of energy technologies for ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

This crowdfunding platform is a public online venue run as a sole-proprietorship business portal. The portal creator wishes to live and thrive by means of a realistic and practical approach, while adhering to the vision of an ecologically and spiritually sustainable future. The plan is to develop additional crowdfunding platforms, including one for children as well as one for civic landscaping applicable to any city. The portal creator’s income is based on a standard percentage fee from all transactions and successful campaigns raised, as well as any product purchases, donations and subscriptions.  Details are available on the Commerce Page. The Business Blog on this website is set to document the developing journey with The Sky is High Crowdfunding.

The core values which form a foundation for this line of work  include the sharing of the practice of abundance, transparency, directness, connection, inspiration, invitation and collaboration.

Current crowdfunding campaigns on The Sky is High support the research and development of new, clean, fuel-less power systems for the home. Provided are the means to create campaigns for open-source technologies which advance today’s possibilities with hydro, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and general nuclear sciences. For the moment, the only two devices which comply significantly with the criteria developed by reputable transnational research groups are the Quantum Energy Generator (FTW) and the Magravs-Power Plasma Generator (KFSSI).  Further technologies are expected as these become open-sourced. This platform is not intended for any particular device(s) as it is for the propagation of the open-source energy-technology needs of the people. The criteria is necessary for marking technologies as authentic.

Much of the daily work in this field is focused on distinguishing information from trolling. This is time-consuming, however, it is possible to find practical information as long as there is a strict adherence to conditions of transparency from the source to the receiver. Realistically and historically few people have had the courage to publicly disclose developments in the field of new energy technologies from beyond the existing paradigm. The possibility of such work is reinforced by the current growth of the global grassroots support system and the decades of work of the CSETI organization, its transnational disclosures and operating conditions.

It is generally agreed that crowdfunding in the digital finance sector is a rapidly developing financial service, a people’s tool developing in parallel with the transnational New Energy Technologies movement. The plan is to continue to work in the direction of connecting optimal financial solutions with the needs of open-sourced energy technology builds.  To demonstrate the emerging paradigm of open business collaboration we are set to publish all business expenses for The Sky is High.

This company is based in Ottawa, Canada but the work is global and transnational. The company’s mission is to empower people everywhere to co-develop their own solutions to the energy situation.

The upcoming CSETI film “Unacknowledged” (2017) is expected to inspire significant interest in new energy technologies. The Sky is High is set work in parallel to any public crowdfunding needs that may emerge based on the disclosures.

All work pertaining to the disclosure of energy sources from beyond contemporary physics is a challenge. The dissemination of practical scientific information can only proceed at the pace of its understanding by those who wish to collaborate on living the ecologically sustainable lifestyle on this wonderful planet.

This is happening today! The sky is high.

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