Decentralized Collaboration

Concensus Live

A critical live view of the local distributed ledger ecosystem.

Our vision is to assist in coordinating, joining efforts, sharing success stories, inspiring people and collaborating globally.

Our need to deliver comes from direct experiences and shared values with the general core blockchain developer structure. We have found there to be a lack in education and organization of knowledge and its deployment through open sharing. Streaming is to deliver timely information – a form of proof of work of human concensus happening now. If the information is not live, the whole market can change, you are not at the forefront. Living code is language in our relations. Human work is the ultimate concensus. Therefore we use popular social media platforms to stream live video of the latest local blockchain events, significant firsts, various recurring questions and relevant hot topics from the frontlines. Our aim is to deliver content to those not able to participate in all the interconnected conferences, summits and workshops. We stream for those wishing to access the information remotely, perhaps even anonymously and while maintaining the ability to participate through online community exchanges. Moreover, all our episodes are kept in a public repository.

Some of the episodes will be from our homebase location and others will be from local neighborhoods. Occasionally due to telecommunications signal constraints we may have to air a taped episode. The main weekly show will have special guests which may stay over for the night if needed.

All this is for the documentation of what we believe is the beginning of a new era of human relations with the technological environment.

Workshop Series

Practical guidance for blockchain superheroes.

Multi-level introductory sessions covering the theory, philosophy and practice for those ready to work for a unique innovative edge within the emerging global blockchain community. Offered on request for up to four people, these workshops are also offered at a discount for those who only wish to listen at a distance, streamed live as a paid stream session.

The workshops include topics such as blockchain science to bitcoin mania; blockchain sources, new ideas and tools; wallets, basic acquisition and trading of cryptocurrencies; and rapid prototyping for the Internet of Things.

Hardware Wallets

Distribution and resales

We carry the four top hardware wallets which are available in person, by appointment or at the various events we participate in.

Bitcoin Club Gozo

Weekly meetups

For the winter of 2018 we are located in Malta. We currently manage the original Bitcoin Club Gozo meetup for all blockchain and bitcoin enthusiasts. New people are welcome to simply tune in.


Bitcoin Home setup assistance

We recommend running a full node bitcoin blockchain on a dedicated personal computer, with which we can assist to purchase and set up. This combined with a standalone power system such as solar and a satellite connection to the blockchain enables one to keep their cryptocurrency secure even if the power grid and the internet are shut down.

Personal Meetups

Daily availability

Available in Victoria Gozo for daily meetup over coffee for blockchain discussions and exchanges at any level and on any topic. We are on localbitcoin. This is a good opportunity for those who are not enthusiastic about computers, telecommunications and even technology.

Blockchain for Artists

Claim rights and monetization

We are available to explain the possibilities blockchain technologies offer to the individual artist in any field. We can provide new tools and examples of use for various kind of artists: literary, visual, musical, multimedia etc…

Blockchain Events Calendar

Public significant listings

We have a unique and public DLT/blockchain events calendar because our aim is to assist in joining and expanding the knowledge hubs towards deployment.

Paid Streams Live

Projects and Rapid IoT Prototyping

Our live video streaming department offers special services which include in-lab footage of the work as it is being done. We aim to provide evidence of work at a live transparent and public participatory level. You could call it the human proof of work concensus mechanism.

The projects we are interested in running include open source approaches to energy, telecommunications and mining, cryptoart, and a blockchain solution for anti-bike theft called bikeblocks.

At times we plan to collaborate with local makerspaces, hackerspaces, fab labs and co-working places which may offer their existing cultures and global relations for the continuation of new and innovative approaches for the blockchain revolution.

Special Events

Bi-weekly celebrations

The aim is to offer a selection of bi-weekly blockchain related events from nightclub parties and rooftop screening to podcast gatherings.

Specialized Consulting

Fine-tuning for the front-lines

Custom consultancy for your needs.

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