Protecting People, Data and Money.

This crowdfunding portal aims to transparently adhere to the conditions and criteria of open source co-development of New Energy Technologies. We have the knowledge of many possible advanced attack vectors which can be used against this line of work and we apply corresponding manual measures.

TSIH Trulioo

In the near future we plan on implementing this global identity verification service in order to conduct live sanctions and watchlist screenings upon Member registration. Details may be found on the Trulioo website.

Due to the nature of crowdfunding New Energy Technologies, all logins and connections with this website are monitored by humans as well as computers, using various techniques. Significant risks are reduced by certified encryption between our client’s computers and our website so that no one can intercept personal and financial data.

SSL EV GeoTrust

We are currently in the process of applying for the GeoTrust SSL EV certification, the details of which are available on the GeoTrust website.

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