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The registration of intellectual property, classification and patenting all share an important place in history during the development of post-industrial contemporary civilization. These approaches continue to be necessary in certain sectors but the time has come for the energy industry to develop an open-source approach in its research and development strategies. Today’s global energy crisis is based on a continued secrecy of the suppression of solutions. At The Sky is High we are not interested in conspiracy theories. The suppression is being accomplished by various attack vectors primarily hidden in plain sight within the controlling popular scientific and psychological paradigms. Access to this information is further obscured by automated trolling mechanisms on the internet, or in other words unnecessary excessive chatting. We are here to help people build. Clean energy technology beyond that which is publicly known has been available for over 100 years. The open-sourced Quantum Energy Generator and the open-sourced Magravs-Power Generator projects are such examples of practical working transitional solutions tested by hundreds of engineers globally.

Contemporary devices which create the energy to power everything in our lives can be categorized as closed systems. All of these systems have been designed to ensure consumption of fuel and they all require much more energy input than they are able to output. With open systems such as the QEG, it is possible to accumulate energy already present and to convert this into useable form. It is not necessary to consume something in order to create energy. This platform focuses on transmitting the knowledge of open systems into the hands of the engineers who can build them.

The Quantum Energy Generator

As presented by the Fix the World Organization.
This is an open-sourced, efficient and potentially fuel-less reluctance generator based on public domain patents of Nicola Tesla.

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 More build information is available online.

The Magravs-Power Plasma Generator

As presented by the Keshe Foundation. This is an open-sourced magnetical-gravitational plasma-based generator.

Here we present the details of the technologies we support. As the work continues into 2017, we expect at least a few more open-sourced examples.

  • Quantum Energy Generator
  • Magravs-Power Plasma Generator
  • Expected

The Laws of Physics apply to current energy systems while the Laws of Nature (which include the Laws of Physics as a subset) apply to the open asymmetrical system properties of the Quantum Energy Generator. The QEG is a transitional New Energy Technology which transforms the lack of a public prototype to a working solution incorporating a new, clean, fuel-less source of energy. Compared with current engineering standards, the QEG is not an advanced unit. There are other technologies available, many of which have yet to be re-disclosed to the mainstream scientific community. The increasing public support for the QEG is only a portion of the global movement of people backing new technologies which are not only humanitarian but also life sustaining and ecologically sound.

This generator is being developed to power a small home and to offer independence from fuels and the power grid. The QEG is not the only such device. It is not even one of the devices which can draw energy purely from the active vacuum – yet it is a significant step forward.

Is the QEG an example of a Quantum Vacuum (or Zero-Point) electromagnetic energy system? [ definition ]

The QEG and the QEGmini
“The Quantum Energy Generator system is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented electrical generator / dynamo / alternator designs. The particular patents referenced are No. 511,916, titled simply “Electric Generator”, dated January 2, 1894 and No. 390,414, titled “Dynamo-Electric Machine”, dated October 2, 1888.

The QEG is not a complicated device. It is designed (like Tesla’s other discoveries) to work in harmony with nature’s laws, rather than power wasting closed system motor and generator designs used in today’s mainstream industry. The QEG is an asymmetrical open system that operates according the laws of nature. The laws of nature contain concepts that focus on frequency, resonance, vibration, magnetics and energy. The Quantum Energy Generator power unit does not violate the laws of thermodynamics as these only apply to a closed symmetrical system. Asymmetrical open systems have been traditionally omitted from higher educational learning programs.”

Read more about the QEG in an extensive 5 part article series on the Connectivist Collective blog or straight from the source at the QEG Free Energy Academy.

“This is the OFF-GRID Magravs-Power Plasma Generator. On sale as per the 118th Knowledge Seeker Workshop, June 16th, 2016. The system was shown powering multiple appliances with no support from the main power grid of the house. It was advised, during the workshop, that the systems have a maximum output of 3 KW. It is not within warranty to go beyond the maximum, however, independent testing is encouraged. More information can be found on the 118th Knowledge seekers workshop, and provided when available via the product page.”

One can build a new generator for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. A purchased unit includes: plug options, open-source transnational collaborative documentation, certification, warranty, refund policy. Shipping and tax calculations are also available.

Is the KFSSI Magravs-Power Plasma Generator an example of a magnetogravitic energy system? [ definition ]

Magravs-Power Universal System by Go To The Forest
Photo courtesy “Go To The Forest” (linked)

Read more about the Magravs-Power Plasma Generator in the frequent coverage on the Connectivist Collective blog or straight from the source at the Keshe Foundation webshop.

Coming soon with the expected disclosures following the CSETI “Unacknowledged” (2017) film premiere.

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