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Defining the Terms
Let’s be clear about everything. Directness and transparency invite connection.

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The Sky is High promotes energy technologies which meet and surpass the criteria of being clean and highly energy efficient, while having a renewable energy source.  Such exemplary transitional technologies may lead towards the development of new, clean, fuel-less energy generators, power units and systems for personal home applications. We are prototyping beyond hydro, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and nuclear sciences. Thus, “New Energy” at minimum refers to all of the above and includes the technological conditions and criteria outlined in the [ Resources ] section under the tab “Understanding Success”.

We are providing a means for transnational outsourcing to the global crowd of people on the Internet in order to inspire the co-financing of ideas and concrete projects. As a niche platform, The Sky is High emphasizes a specialized focus on the development of New Energy Technologies. Our crowdfunding approach is in line with the conditions and criteria of those who have decades of direct experience in this field. In order to assist new members in establishing a successful track record, The Sky is High suggests campaign creators co-develop according to their actual competencies. Moreover, all submissions must remain transparently in-line with the transnational disclosure movement. Projects should be measurable, achievable, realistic, time specific, skeptic friendly and simple in the sense of clarity.

Open sourcing in this case refers to the unrestricted distribution of the understanding, design and operation of energy technologies, the opposite of patenting and secrecy for financial gain. In particular, the source blueprints must be of the highest standards and well publicized. The Sky is High features campaigns which support open-sourced technologies and publishes all of its business expenses transparently in order to practice the emerging paradigm of open business collaboration. The plan is to continue to work in the direction of connecting optimal financial solutions with the needs of those working on the disclosure of New Energy technology builds. There can be no financial mishandling in this line of work. The Sky is High integrates with highly secure transaction encryption services and maintains its core values, operating conditions and features aligned with the vision of everyone who is working towards an ecologically sound solution to the macro-economic, geo-political and deeply spiritual crisis at hand.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital virtual currency. It is an open-sourced public design which nobody owns. Everyone can take part in its accounting transparency. There are no transaction costs, and no charges for converting to local currencies. Transfers are instantaneous. All transactions made by anyone at anytime with this currency are traceable, eliminating the possibility of fraud. This venue has made digital currency co-financing available to the public in the alternative energy sector. In this way our open-sourced New Energy Tech crowdfunding campaigns support the emerging paradigm of collaborative business and transparent accounting. The Sky is High uses Coinbase among several payment gateways for transaction processing and various payment methods. It is a service used by businesses to authorize and process transactions and it has been selected as the payment gateway for Bitcoin.

Sky News
Sky News

Featured Campaigns
Inspired by the CSETI Sirius Disclosure, the Quantum Energy Generator movement and the Magravs-Plasma Power blueprints.

Select Open-Sources
Campaign creators may choose to develop projects based on any available public blueprints.

Plasma Power Unit
Keshe Foundation SSI

Quantum Energy Generator
Fix The World S.A.R.L.

New Energy Testimony
From the series of disclosure videos released by CSETI.

“Why don’t scientists and engineers develop power systems that extract our electrical energy freely from the Vacuum? …they simply cannot obtain the funding to do the research and get it done…”, Tom Bearden, Ph.D., Retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, “Taming the Fierce energy of the Vacuum”.

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Your success supports The Sky is High as well as other builders within the level-based membership community. We charge a standard 5% platform fee for transaction processing through the top payment gateways. In the future, campaign fees can be waived if Sky High revenue, memberships and donations cover the expenses. The Sky is High finances are transparently published. In this way, together with our supporters we can co-create the new business paradigm of collaborative commerce.

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A solution to the lack of funding?

A major obstacle in this line of work is the lack of funding. Crowdfunding in the digital finance sector is a rapidly developing financial service. An idea connected to the global online digital crowd makes crowdfunding a practical tool for the transnational New Energy disclosure movement. That is why we created The Sky is High.

How to connect with collaborators?

Specialized niche crowdfunding platforms such as The Sky is High Crowdfunding are a significant component of digital finance in any sector. The globally emergent online crowd is a powerful resource of connected individuals who may choose this specialized platform over others as a shared space for co-financing the advancement of new energy technology research and builds. The aim is to empower and inspire collaborative open-source practices on a practical grassroots level in order to assist in raising the awareness of energy technologies for ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

The global energy crisis is being uprooted by exposing various attack vectors hidden in plain sight within the popular scientific and psychological paradigms of today. This platform focuses on transmitting the knowledge of possible energy technologies into the hands of those who can build them.

Are there new energy technologies?

This is a niche financial support platform for solving local energy technology challenges.

We provide a means for crowdfunding projects which build on open-sourced energy technologies from beyond the understanding of today’s power systems. As such we are attempting to venture beyond hydro, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and nuclear sciences.

Transparent accounting, open-sourcing, crowdfunding and c>o-development are the primary conditions for the successful public disclosure of New Energy Technologies. This makes it nearly impossible to buy, own or monopolize new discoveries. People of authority in various communities including military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific branches have testified regarding their experiences with advanced energy technologies. The time to build has come.

Secure Digital Finance
Transparent accounting through encrypted payment gateways are minimum Sky High standards.

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Secure encryption on all transactions.

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Transparent Accounting

Open expenses and revenue.

The Sky is High Crowdfunding
strives to provide Members with the motivation, skills and co-financing opportunities
for New Energy Technology research and development.

Envisioned by Mateusz

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