Living the Sustainable Lifestyle

Our questions: How to live with what we have? What is this experience? What do we wish for? What is the foundation needed to live as a harmonious person in order to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle on this planet? On our blogs we share the situations, challenges and solutions as they happen.



Following myself.

Hi, my name is Mateusz and I design crowdfunding platforms for collaborative open-source practices supporting ecologically sustainable lifestyles. I am a connectivist healing arts practitioner within the New Energy Technologies movement, which means I assist in the healing processes of those individuals who wish to co-create a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and for others. Most of my work deals with designing clarity in experiences which occur between the conscious and the subconscious. Website: Being Imaginary Blog: The Connectivist Collective.

Freestyle Guitar

The music that inspires me and that which I have composed can be found online.

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I enjoy cooking and I look for good deals everywhere. See my Good Deals website.

Cooking Recipies

Here are some of my favourite nutritious, fresh, warm foods to make.

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I draw and make animated films. Check out my Bonzillla website.

LEGO Collections

The massive LEGO collection in my room perturbes all visitors magnificently.

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