Collaborative Digital Finance

To clarify, “7he5kyIsHi6h” is Mateusz M. Kujawski, founder of The Sky is High. Due to his own observations of the accelerating data wars which monetize on loophole breaches of privacy and security regarding personal information and financial independence, Mateusz is practicing in the emerging global crypto-space due to an immediate need. He believes in businesses and technologies which add value to harmony on the planet. This personal motivation allows him to see the fine line of the psychological depth of distributed ledger technologies. He believes these have a psychological thread rarely spoken about. As such, he is passionate about blockchain sciences and human solutions, in other words, the research and development of little ideas with a big impact for society. Together with local knowledge hubs, he aims to understand and solve a few local and global challenges by creating services with new technologies from the computer science which lead to the blockchain. He is currently developing in-depth workshops and a selection of services pertaining to decentralization. Based on the collaborative business paradigm, Mateusz envisions deploying micro-monetizable IoT solutions in the near future. His personal projects include Concensus Live – a real-time video streaming show about daily blockchain events, The Sky is High Crowdfunding – a first and only niche crowdfunding platform for open-source New Energy Technologies, and Bikeblocks – an anti-theft bicycle tagging project on the blockchain. Mateusz is available for hacky-sack games and cappuccinos at noon, in many places at once.

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