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Anyone who strives to develop a working New Energy Technology should know that their discovery may have an impact on the multi-trillion dollar macro-economy. That is why we recommend the highest possible security measures around personal identities, workspaces, physical and theoretical prototypes. Why are we using 70-100 year old fossil fuel technologies and nuclear sciences when we’ve had zero-point energy for 60 years? The biggest challenge is secrecy and this is at the heart of the geo-political, macro-economic, ecological and spiritual crisis on the planet today. A transitional working strategy is to release New Energy Technologies into the minds and hands of the people. Open sourcing, crowdfunding and co-development make builds possible – while making it almost impossible to buy, own or control the projects. Now anyone with the motivation, skills and co-financing can build a New Energy technology for personal use without copyright infringement or patent confiscation. Especially if we share, collaborate and broadcast live. Perhaps this is what the Internet was made for.

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