The Sky is High is on route to becoming the first and only niche blockchain crowdfunding platform for open-source New Energy Technologies. We anticipate a live news channel for research and development and we hope to present our services to those people who have been working in this direction for decades. In particular, the success of this platform may be of interest to the working group at Sirius Disclosure.

At the core of the challenges for The Sky is High Crowdfunding is the unpredictability and volatility of human psychology. The current macro-economic geo-political “system” is the way it is because of the nature of humanity. We all take part in one civilization or another with our respective daily lifestyles. Meanwhile various types of institutions are simply playing their roles very well by doing what they do best: in turn stopping this financial project altogether. Our barriers to entry are too great even if we try to build a crowdfunding portal legally, transparently and collaboratively with a smile and time and the money to pay for the step-by-step services. Documented institutions we have dealt with seem to make up new steps for us to jump indefinitely.

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The single-employee Expenses and Completed Work estimates at The Sky is High amount to 6 months and $3000 CAD spent without funding. This is one person researching, developing and registering a business. The estimate includes $45,000 CAD loss of revenue due to unpaid workdays and no immediate profits. Yet who else is going to do it if no one is? Out of the many branches of financial and bureaucratic obstacles the bottom line seemed to be a lack of trust from major institutions. Who are we to them? Nobody. No credit. No funds. What is our goal? To help people build New Energy Technologies. We must be insane and untrustworthy. Secondly, new energy is not possible, let’s not trust this company. They must be trying to collect money for some other reason like thousands of other people who build crowdfunding portals and then run off. Indeed, it appears to be common popular human nature to manipulate, lie, cheat and steal so predominantly everywhere and increasingly so on the Internet.

However, if those who can were simply given the chance to build instead of having to go through loops of dead-ends (which are rightly set up for certain organized mobs) then we would already have the solutions applied. That means new, clean, fuel-less transitional energy systems to power the daily lives of those who are in need, including our living planet itself. The Tesla Powerwall Home Batteries are sleek and cool but not even close to what the real Tesla and his teachers and contemporaries originally shared with the world. We think Elon Musk knows that but it’s the best he can do at the moment also. Half of Maxwell’s equations have been left out of all textbooks due to decisions by the founders of the current Energy Industry. I write about Maxwell’s “open asymmetrical systems” on the Connectivist Collective blog.

The point at which The Sky is High parted with exponentially increasing tangents of costly paperwork was instigated while trying to obtain our business SSL EV certificate which is necessary in order to encrypt all financial and identity transmissions between our online clients and the website of our crowdfunding portal. This was around the time when many simultaneous events signalled that perhaps an alternative route exists: Coinbase backed out of supporting our little venture “at their own discretion” and therefore silently closed our doors to bitcoin. We were set to launch a first bitcoin campaign at precisely this time in early April 2017. This is when the unprecedented mini-mania around cryptocurrencies began and bitcoin skyrocketed. Perhaps it can be seen that we decided to fly off with bitcoin in order to initialize a new line of research into the potential of blockchain crowdfunding – out of our own experiences in development and out of the immediate need for a better working solution.

Our mission continues because a couple billion people are waiting and the existing financial paradigm does not have any plans to serve in this direction. The blockchain revolution is quite inspiring and we are stepping in to help. We hope that others may step in to help us move across the temporary obstacles.

The aim is to re-design The Sky is High by means of an open-source collaborative niche community effort through new platforms such as Ethereum, Wings, Aragon and Starbase, while leveraging the already popular Github and Slack management networks.

Our proof of concept is ready:

We have a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and these need exciting revision for the blockchain revolution. Our working criteria for operating in the realm of the deployment of New Energy Technologies are important: open-sourcing, transnational collaboration, live public broadcasting to a wide audience, and no single controlling authority beyond 49% (crowdfunding). A shift in personal consciousness is a no-brainer.

It seems like the blockchain technologies are here to enable us to do this outside of the existing system’s financial paradigm. We can enhance the feasibility and success of The Sky is High by redesigning it to run on a cryptographically secure, decentralized, tamper-proof network. The first time we read the Ethereum Foundation’s mission statements our socks nearly flew off. Live code on the blockchain?

The top inspiring whitepapers from today’s Blockchain Revolution:
Bitcoin – a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. | open-source
Ethereum – a next-generation smart contract and decentralized application platform. | open-source
Lisk – a decentralized network with delegated proof of stake. | open-source
Aragon – a token-governed digital jurisdiction focusing on true global indiscriminatory economic growth. | open-source
Wings – a project governance and backing platform with incentivized forecasting.
Starbase – towards a future of easy innovation via Blockchain crowdfunding and token payment. | open-source

A blockchain based ledger and smart contracts significantly lower the barriers to starting a company. A new business model is possible. We can begin now. We need to connect the people to the funding. This is now possible.

Blockchain technologies can make The Sky is High secure and unstoppable. Our own tokens could provide incentive for collaboration and payouts. We can source our funds globally, at any amount, at near-zero fees and provide transparent accounting through which it is possible to publicly track the allocation of all funds. In a way this is what the current system is forcing us to do, we are going to simply do it without the system.

It is possible to create our platform completely anonymously if we must!

To start, we are looking forward to learning more and connecting with the teams at Wings and Starbase. Just our names together in one pile make sense don’t they? Sounds like a new type of Decentralized Autonomous Community!

At The Sky is High we happen to know by experience that extraterrestrial people are connected with their technologies through the realm of deeper consciousness, and that certain spacecraft travel transluminally within the fabric of space and time – so our title is an intentional play on words. New Energy Technologies and Quantum Computation already exist, albeit outside of the popular knowledge of the existing system. That means the popular issues with Bitcoin mining are solvable but not at this time, as this would interfere with other developments for which time itself is necessary. Otherwise everything would happen instantly. We are simply doing what we can at this time to connect what is possible!

If you wish to donate in Bitcoin or Ether to propel this line of transparent work, now is your chance.

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The term “blockchain revolution” is from the excellent book by the Tapscotts.

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