At The Sky is High we have been proposing a crowdfunding platform for the research and development of genuine New Energy Technologies. This line of work requires a business model paradigm shift towards a declassified (non-patented) collaborative environment. There is little support in the existing financial and legal structures for this kind of work. We now have our own experiences and documented evidence that The Sky is High is being tracked and silenced by compartmentalized subtle attack vectors. Increasingly, those at the interface between our common vision and regulated financial systems may be at risk of unprecedeted types of regulatory enforcement or civil actions.

Inspired by the courageous people from the current global disclosure movement in the energy sector, we believe the time has come to use new tools we already have available in order to bypass the existing structures so that we may continue with the vision at the core of which is the application of technologies which enable ecologically sustainable life on this planet.

At this time, The Sky is High would like to announce that our view of the future for the New Energy Technologies crowdfunding platform is in line with the general vision of the Ethereum project and so we are happy to state that we will be proceeding to implement a working Decentralized Autonomous Organization for the aim of successfully deploying the distributed computing platform for the financial services which we are struggling to create for the benefit of all.

We are most invested in the development of working New Energy Technologies as well as related physical and virtual goods and services which can emerge from the successful operations of this new business model which has been nearly impossible to implement until recently. We will now commence the work towards the release of a decentralized application based on cryptocurrency blockchain technologies at the foundations of Bitcoin and in particular Ethereum and its digital token, the Ether.

Our intention is to continue to collaborate within this community and to acquire innovative leading skillsets in order to serve for the common aim at this delicate and important time of transitioning industries and economies.

Stay tuned and be in touch,


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