What’s Happening?

I have one ticket available for the sold-out LA premiere of “Unacknowledged“. The red carpet event is set for Monday April 24th, 2017. This marks a significant day for the global disclosure movement as the film and its surrounding events are set to begin exposing previously unacknowledged fields of knowledge.

Can You Attend?

I’m giving away the ticket.

I wanted to go to the premiere by crowdfunding 1 Bitcoin ($1300 USD) for my return journey but no platform would accept this idea. You can see the original campaign [ here ]. The aim and content are too controversial and exist on some blacklists. I decided to make my own crowdfunding platform but the payment gateways currently do not support my own campaigns on my own platform.

I have spent months designing The Sky is High for digital currency financing of open-sourced New Energy Technologies and the working concept is nearing a launch date. For a documentation of my finances see the [ Commerce Page ] and my post with the [ Sky High Business Folder ]. In the meantime the world has changed. The value of Bitcoin has risen by nearly 25% in the last month since my original idea. My time to find 1 Bitcoin and book a flight has run out but perhaps someone else can enjoy this spectacular event.

The Ticket Giveaway

I have decided to give the general admission ticket to someone who can get there. One person will be selected from those who donate ANY amount above $1 to The Sky is High over the next 24 hours. I will send you the ticket by email. We can notify security that the ticket has changed owners. The pay-in necessity is a security and validation measure. I paid $30 USD for this ticket. The donation methods available below are Bitcoin wallet transfer, Paypal, and e-transfers. Best Wishes!

With Paypal:

Donate with PayPal

To my bitcoin wallet:


By e-transfer:


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At the 2013 Sirius Disclosure Premiere

I had attended the premiere of Sirius Disclosure in 2013 and recorded Dr Greer introducing the work and the film.
Sirius Disclosure Virginia Premiere

At a CE-5 training with Dr Greer in 2013

I have participated in an expedition week with Dr Greer in the spring of 2013, at his home ranch near Charlottesville Virginia.
Dr Greer in his field
Dr Greer with 2013 Group

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