With its rapid development of payment gateway connections which include Coinbase for Bitcoin, Stripe for credit cards and the magnificent Paypal, The Sky is High Crowdfunding is nearing its official launch date on April 1st 2017. For this reason this New Energy Technologies digital financing portal is searching for a new speedy and secure small-business web hosting plan.

Our niche financial services necessitate top of the line security. The public is able to create their own new energy technology campaigns with digital currencies! The Sky is High also has memberships, products and downloads for sale. For this reason we need access to the server command-line, for example, for adding third-party secure-socket layer (SSL) certificates. The plan is an SSL EV certificate from a top provider, one which would display the security details all browsers. The server must support the HTTPS protocol and the have security adapted to the newer minimum of the SHA-256 signing algorithm and the Verisign G5 (2048-bit) Root certificate .

The website uses WordPress as its content management system and the database programming backend on the server needs to be optimized accordingly, such as is currently offered by wpengine and wordfence. The minimal requirements are: PHP 5.6+ to 7 with the following modules activated: cURL, mbstring, ziparchive, OpenSSL, mod_rewrite (Apache). The MySQL version needs to be at least 5.6.

Tips and information in this matter are much appreciated through public or private contact. The Sky is High Crowdfunding is an officially registered sole-proprietorship business in Canada. It is ran, assembled and pocket financed by the owner who is learning everything without pay, in free time.

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