We are raising funds for the completion of our own little crowdfunding portal. Visit our campaign on Fundrazr. “The Sky is High” is a niche platform designed to assist in the co-development of open-sourced new energy technologies.

Our own “Enterprise Activation Campaign” is a project by which we plan to raise funds for the final stage of website development. We need your assistance. Be a part of the movement and help us raise $650 for the activation of the Enterprise version of The Sky is High!

We are not implementing future competition with our host, the excellent Fundrazr, or any other platform. We simply wish to offer specialized services to people who require deeper understanding of open digital financing in the field of New Energy technologies.

An extended version of this platform would enable the public to create their own projects.

This campaign for has two stretch goals totalling another $400. I need your further support for coding and social media extensions. Deeper functionality is essential to high standards for maintaining a world-class crowdfunding portal in the New Energy sector. I hope that by transparently demonstrating completed work I can gain your trust that I have the skill and motivation to complete the coding for this platform with your financial backing.

Over an extended period of time I could finance this myself but together we can complete this sooner. I have already spent weeks without pay in order to register this business and develop a platform. Some of the steps already taken in the development process include those mentioned on our Commerce page.

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