Decentralized Crowdfunding of Open Source New Energy Tech

Launching May 2018.
IoT blockchain consultancy with a crowdfunding platform and a real-time video show. Working on a DAO.

The Sky is High Crowdfunding is the first and only niche financing platform for open-source New Energy technologies. The company’s services include workshops and events pertaining to decentralization – such as distributed ledger technologies which include the Bitcoin blockchain, with a real-time streaming video show called Concensus Live. The aim of live broadcasting is to assist in organizing, coordinating, joining efforts, sharing success stories, and inspiring local and global collaboration in an effort to demystify and promote sustainable applications of disruptive technologies.


Concensus Live

This is our real-time streaming video show which follows all aspects of the work globally.


We offer four levels of workshops carefully planned to bring our participants to a comfortable level within the blockchain revolution.


We offer select services pertaining to the DLT sector.

New Energy Crowdfunding

Full Introduction

This is the core of our work, the crowdfunding platform explained.


This is the psychological breakthrough which has enabled the technologies to be disclosed at this time.


This is a growing list of public campaigns on our platform.

Of those people who share my values I have found a common pressing challenge: the enigma of the source of electrical energy. Thus, new energy technologies have become my primary focus. Decentralization, a friend of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) enables the blockchain concensus mechanism to give people the next iteration of the internet, a step towards Value Technologies (VT), where value is transmitted as information is today (IT). Concensus mechanisms are types of solutions which can enable new types of businesses to leverage open source collaboration towards the development of new energy technologies.
A notable portion of the distributed ledger technologies which Bitcoin is bringing to mass adoption has the potential to transform and disrupt they ways we consume energy. With its high volatility and questionable origins, the Bitcoin blockchain concensus mechanism which currently requires 30 TWh per year (thirty tera-watt hours), is enabling a new business paradigm which is expected to bring about research and development of new, clean, fuel-less energy sources. Until now, these sources have been kept within the confines of their secrecy – the suppression of existing New Energy solutions by macro-economic energy interests.
Bitcoin is a psychological and technological revolution run by people who are claiming financial sovereignty in order to transform the current daily operations of those in power – banks and energy interests – towards something sensible and sustainable. Of significance is the question of human psychology which defines how we put events into perspective: for example,who is talking about the old centralized data centres belonging to Google and IBM which are much larger than the decentralized Bitcoin mining operation? Bitcoin is the founding source, the parent of cryptocurrencies and it is being spoken about as if it were the only cryptocurrency. There are at least ten other major cryptocurrencies, and many open-source decentralized Financial Technologies projects each with market capitalizations in the hundreds of millions of dollars. They are working to solve the current global crisis in the banking and energy sectors.
By the power of attunement, and because I potentially have everything to loose, it has come upon me that the time is now to assist in the riskiest and most challenging global issue which links with others: the disclosure of truth regarding the source of electrical energy. My main project is the first and only decentralized niche crowdfunding platform for open source new energy technologies.
As a consultant for the deployment of Value Technologies in the decentralized ecosystem, I propose working on open source collaborative crowdfunding platforms. In a way, ICOs and tokens are an extension of this. In my investigations I also found that the live video streaming across the internet is a common missing organizational element, hence the people’s Concensus Live show is here to help, in particular for any local initiatives I find myself working with.

– Mateusz Kujawski, Founder

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