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We may not have the electrical energy to run a civilization. The solution might be to open-source the full magic of electricity and audit the science of electrical energy. I am developing a clear solution to the global energy crisis: Open Electricity DAO: a platform for the people’s audit of the scientific sources of electrical energy distribution. Please see the section [ Open Electricity DAO ]. More is being developed on [ mirror.xyz/theskyishigh.eth ] and [ Gitcoin Grants ].

– Mateusz Kujawski, Founder [ 946F4668353CAF118537960C0BCBE2EF93677E3D ] theskyishigh.eth


Consensus Live

This is our real-time streaming video show which follows all aspects of the work globally.


We offer four levels of workshops carefully planned to bring our participants to a comfortable level within the blockchain revolution.


We offer select services pertaining to the DLT sector.

New Energy Crowdfunding

Full Introduction

This is the core of our work, the crowdfunding platform explained.


This is the psychological breakthrough which has enabled the technologies to be disclosed at this time.


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