Crowdfunding 1 Bitcoin to Report on Disclosure Event
April 24th 2017, Dr Greer introduces "Unacknowledged" film premiere in LA
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What’s Happening?

Following “Sirius Disclosure”, one of the most successful crowdfunded documentaries in history, Dr Greer and The Orchard are presenting the “Unacknowledged : An Expose of the Greatest Secret in Human History” film premiere in Los Angeles on April 24th. This is a major disclosure event in the field of New Energy.

Unacknowledged disclosure event poster

Crowdfunding to attend the release of “Unacknowledged”

I wish to attend and report by crowdfunding 1 Bitcoin for my return journey. I would greatly enjoy supporting “Unacknowledged” and presenting The Sky is High to Dr Greer during the premiere events. I have already purchased a general attendance ticket to the movie premiere.

Ticket for Sale

1 Bitcoin (BTC) exchanges for around $1000+ USD. This is the approximate cost of my low-budget airfare, hotel, food and transportation to and from Los Angeles.

Ticket bought

At the 2013 Sirius Disclosure Premiere

I have already attended the previous premiere of Sirius Disclosure in may of 2013 and recorded Dr Greer introducing the work and the film. This type of recording is what I offer as a contributor’s reward for this campaign.
Sirius Disclosure Virginia Premiere

At a CE-5 training with Dr Greer in 2013

I have also participated in an expedition week with Dr Greer in the spring of 2013, at his home ranch near Charlottesville Virginia. While I signed-off not to publicize anything that occurred, I can also offer image documentation of the upcoming LA premiere to those contributing to the campaign.
Dr Greer in his field
Dr Greer with 2013 Group


Sky High and Bitcoin

The Sky is High has been selected as the crowdfunding portal for this campaign because it is the only public niche venue for Open-Sourced New Energy Technologies. This venue has made digital currency co-financing available to the alternative energy sector. Digital currency by the public to create their own New Energy technology campaigns in order to support the emerging paradigm of collaborative business and transparent accounting.

Digital Currency

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital virtual currency. It is open sourced public design which nobody owns. Everyone can take part in its accounting transparency. There are no transaction costs, and no charges for converting to local currencies, and transfers are instantaneous. Only the banking institution may charge a fee. Moreover, all transactions made by anyone at anytime with this currency are traceable, eliminating the possibility of fraud.

Methods of Contribution

Since not all contributors have bitcoins available, all pledgees are collected and added together towards the valuue of 1 bitcoin (apprxmaly $1300 USD). This campaign accepts all major methods of payment for contributions: Creditcards, bitcoin, e-transfers (campaign author link), donations, offline cash payments.

In summary, I wish to attend and report from the LA premiere by crowdfunding 1 Bitcoin for my return journey. I would greatly enjoy supporting "Unacknowledged" and presenting The Sky is High to Dr Greer during the surrounding events. I have already purchased a general attendance ticket for the film viewing. This is a major disclosure event in the field of New Energy.


April 12, 2017

All updates will be posted here. Contributors may opt receive instant emails with the latest news.


About Digital Currency and Bitcoin on Coinbase

The Sky is High uses Coinbase among several payment gateways for transaction processing and various payment methods. It is a service used by businesses to authorize and process transactions and it has been selected as the payment gateway for Bitcoin.

If you are able to support the campaign with a direct transfer of Bitcoin, this campaign has this enabled through Coinbase on which you can create a free account, link it with your bank or credit card and contribute. You can then customize your browser to handle virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and continue with your own investments. I offer basic consulting regarding Bitcoin, Coinbase and digital currency investment. After you sign up using this particular link, at any point if you buy or sell $100 USD of Bitcoin then we both receive $10 USD of Bitcoin. Bitcoin value has dramatically risen in the last two weeks. This campaign is aimed especially at those who may wish to share a part of their assets for the greater cause. You may also contribute in any other way available.

You may also transfer Bitcoin directly to my account at:

TSIH Admin BTC wallet QR code

Film Premiere Event Details

Dr. Steven Greer’s new documentary “UNACKNOWLEDGED” presents brand new, top-secret evidence supporting Extraterrestrial contact including witness testimony, classified documents, and UFO footage while also exploring the consequences of ruthlessly enforcing such secrecy.

Red carpet with celebrities and Dr. Greer- 6:45pm -7:20pm. Presentation by Dr. Greer at 7:30pm. Movie begins at 8pm until 9:45pm. After Party 10:15 pm -midnight.

April 24, 2017 is the FIRST showing of the film to the public.

Digital versions will be available May 9, 2017.

Be a part of the excitement with Dr. Greer , media & celebrities to kick off our campaign to:

“End Illegal Secrecy”

All access seats and afterparty - $1000

Includes: VIP seating, spend time on the Red Carpet with Dr. Greer and be a part of the Red Carpet excitement with media and stars, receive a signed book and poster signed by Dr. Greer and attend the exclusive afterparty following the film showing.

VIP seats – very limited - $250 each
Includes poster and book signed by Dr. Greer

Premium seats - $50

General seating - $30

Student/Crowdfunding Donor - $15

Exclusive afterparty only. This does not include theater seating. - $500

Venue: LA Live Regal Cinema. 1000 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA

Doors open at 6 pm. Red Carpet at 6:45 pm / 7pm - 7:20pm
Dr. Greer’s remarks : 7:30pm

Film at 8pm

Campaign Authenticity

All correspondence and especially transactions between a visitor to The Sky is High and the website and payment gateways are encrypted by a business-level secure socket layer extended validation (SSL EV) certiicate which can be seen as a green bar in the URL address location in the browser.

If there are any doubts as to my authenticity, I publish all company expenses and revenue on the [ commerce ] page.

Since Bitcoin transactions are immediate, I will be collecting all contributions towards the goal.

If the goal is not met I will be using the funds to complete the portal design and ascertain the mission of the portal and its top security features. If the campaign makes less than the goal amount but a significant portion is reached then I will do my best to cover the rest of the expenses and still attend. If the campaign is not successful then any funds collected will be used to develop the website and give all contributors the best offerings possible based on their contribution amounts.

If the goal is met I promise to enjoy my time fulfilling my duties deliver the perks to contributors.

If the goal is surpassed and any surplus funds are raised by this campaign, I can do custom missions at the premiere and return a plethora of material for others. If this campaign manages to raise more than 1 BTC, the rest will go towards making best use of the journey to see the premiere and returning with
more comprehensive rewards for backers in the form of documentation or any other interesting things that may be found. I could also upgrade my attendance package to VIP ($250) or full party mode with Dr. Greer ($1000).

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