Why are we doing this?

We believe in the abundance and magnificence of life on Earth in all its forms.
We believe that the truth regarding humanity, and technologies, must be continually disclosed.
We believe that by profoundly understanding oneself, one may understand technology, and thus human interaction with computers and machines at a deeper level.
We believe in businesses and technologies which add value to harmony on the planet.

We believe that evolving psychological breakthroughs such as open-sourcing (which enabled people to co-create cryptographically secure peer-to-peer distributed ledger technologies) may serve as further guidance for resolving global challenges in need of attention.
We believe that the global situations in need of attention are wars, poverty, environmental pollution, and the emergence of artificial intelligence..

We believe people can be responsible enough to carry through the required transformations which can align business and technologies towards harmony on the planet.
We believe people can be responsible for their own finances through unbanking and thus by claiming their own financial sovereignty.
We believe people can be responsible for managing their identities and for taking care of their private information in a secure manner.

We believe in the economic inclusion of people who choose to participate in society yet remain outside of boundary thresholds set by centralized financial stakeholders.
We believe people are free to decide on the management of their privacy, identity, security and inclusion.
We believe in peace of mind for those who align themselves towards lifestyles which are sustainable for all beings on the planet.

We develop solutions for transparent open-source technologies to emerge where there is a need.

We are in the business of documenting successful transformative blockchain solutions for industries big and small. Watch us in real-time, participate, and join us as we deliver success stories. Currently the work is focused on three main projects: the Concensus Live streaming video show, a niche crowdfunding platform for open source energy technologies, and an anti-theft bicycle tracking device.

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