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A significant aspect of the work in the field of New Energy technologies is the possibility of inspiring collaboration between people and existing technological laboratories in order to provide access and tools for those who are ready and capable of building their own devices. A global work group called New Energy Sources Laboratory Collective (NESLC) has been initiated by the founder of The Sky is High Crowdfunding. Other working subgroups are now active in two countries. In Poland there is more interest in the Keshe Foundation’s “Magravs-Power Plasma Generator”, while in Canada there is more interest in the Fix The World’s “Quantum Energy Generator”. The following are select links to public information about the mentioned projects.

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  • Canada
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The “New Energy Sources Lab Collective” (NESLC) is the umbrella organization for the research and development of New Energy devices. Its crowdfunding platform is The Sky is High Crowdfunding. While the campaigns are transnational, some of the current work by the founder is taking place in Canada and in Poland. There is evidence of research and development on these technologies in many other countries.

The following graphic is a flowchart of the polish work group, as seen in their documentation. It can be applied to any major working group. An english translation is in the works. The author has found a practical approach for connecting people by observing the psychological differences of cultures participating in the New Energy movement. This is essential for the success of transnational campaigns: various cultures, even if only subtly different, can understand the same piece of information in nearly contradictory ways. That is the foundation of how different challenges exist between the people building devices in Poland and people building devices in Canada. Then, in order for these two groups to collaborate transnationally they must understand their own cultural perspectives on the work as well as each other’s.

NESLC Polish Work Group Graphic Flowchart

Article examples by the author: (Connectivist Collective)
Digital Poll Collaboration on Magravs-Power Systems in Poland
Nowa, Czysta, Bezpaliwowa, Darmowa, Wolna Energia
Fundacja Keshe: Główne Polskie Warsztaty w Internecie
O Generatorze Energii Kwantowej i Rozwoju Energii z Próżni

Facebook groups administered by the author:
Magravs-Power (Polska Grupa Robocza) – polish work group
Magravs-Power (Sekcja Wrocław) – Wrocław section
Magravs-Power Distribution and Sales Poland
QEG (Polska Grupa Robocza)

Online Collaborative Spaces – on (invite by email)
Magravs-Power Poland
QEG Europe
QEG Poland

Lud Wody Ognistej (2014-2015)
Archived due to misunderstandings and lack of funding for cross-cultural translations.

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